This role concept is newly introduced in Building X applications in 2022. For existing users of Building X applications, the previous role concept will still be available.

To use all functions of Devices, you need the Connectivity Engineer platform role with the following permissions:


  • View building
  • Create building
  • Edit building
  • Delete building
  • View  campus
  • Create campus
  • Edit campus
  • Delete campus
  • Link Building under campus
  • Unlink Building from campus


  • Activate device
  • View device
  • Edit device
  • Delete device
  • Reboot device
  • Reset device password
  • Update device OS Version
  • View installed OS Version
  • View distribution on device
  • Install distribution on device
  • Change distribution on device
  • Install Edge App on device
  • View Edge App installed on device
  • View services running on device
  • Refresh device status
  • View online and offline devices
  • View sites with offline devices
  • View sites with devices needing updates
  • Download device reports

User groups are managed in Accounts (