This role concept was newly introduced in Building X apps in 2022. For existing users of Building X apps, the previous role concept will still be available. We suggest to switch to the new predefined roles.

To use all functions of Devices, you need the Connectivity Engineer platform role with the following permissions:


  • View buildings
  • Create buildings
  • Edit buildings
  • Delete buildings
  • View  campuses
  • Create campuses
  • Edit campuses
  • Delete campuses
  • Link buildings under campus
  • Unlink buildings from campus


  • Activate devices
  • View devices
  • Edit devices
  • Delete devices
  • Reboot devices
  • Reset device password
  • Update device OS version
  • View installed OS version
  • View distribution on devices
  • Install distribution on devices
  • Change distribution on devices
  • Install Edge App on devices
  • View Edge App installed on devices
  • View services running on devices
  • Refresh device status
  • View online and offline devices
  • View sites with offline devices
  • View sites with devices needing updates
  • Download device reports

User groups are managed in Accounts (