The All sites table displays the following information about all sites of this company:

  • Name and address of the site.
  • Name of the Partition the site is part of.
  • Notifications for the sites:
    • Disconnected: Displays number of disconnected devices within a site.
    • Distribution update: Displays number of devices within a site, that require a distribution update.
    • Number of devices: Displays the number of devices within a site. The number of devices within this site that need a firmware update is displayed in a red circle on the device icon.
    • Number of buildings: Displays the number of buildings within a campus.
  1. Table: Displays information about all sites of this company. Select a campus to display all buildings within the campus. Select a building to display all devices within the building.
  2. With the More button, the following actions can be performed for each site: Add to campus, Edit or Delete a site.
  3. Buttons
    • Refresh: Refresh the screen.
    • Add: Create a Campus or Building.
    • More: Edit and delete sites or add buildings to a campus.

A site can be deleted without previously deleting the devices of that site. It is recommended to delete devices before deleting the site. If the devices are not deleted before the site, they are displayed as devices without a site in the device menu.