1. Information: Displays device information. Following actions are available:
  2. Password reset and Device reboot. For more information, see Resetting the password and rebooting a device.
  3. Edit a device. For more information, see Editing device information.
  4. Delete a device. For more information see Deleting devices.
  5. For more information, also see Information.
  6. Updates: Displays new available updates and allows to install them. For more information, see Updates.
  7. Applications: Displays distribution version in the Distribution details section, where it is also possible to change and update distributions. The Applications section displays the names and versions of installed applications for selected device. In this tab it is also possible to install and uninstall applications within current distribution and download OSS license for every available application. For more information, see Applications.
  8. Remote Access: Allows to establish remote access connection to a device. For more information, see Remote Access.
  9. Services: Displays running services of a device and displays a status of a service. For more information, see Services.