1. Search bar: Search for campuses, buildings and devices. Use filter to refine search.
  2. Add: Add a Device.
  3. Notification: Enables and disables notifications. See Configuring notifications.
  4. Options: Allows to Update operating system, Distribution of a device of one or multiple devices using checkboxes. Also allows to delete multiple devices.
  5. Checkbox: Management of multiple devices using checkboxes.
  6. Device name: Identifies a device via icon and displays the name of a device. Displays offline status of a device.
  7. Description: Displays description / name of a device.
  8. Type: Displays type of a device.
  9. Serial number: Displays serial number of a device.
  10. OS (Operating system): Indicates that a device requires firmware update - displays present and new firmware version.
  11. Dist. (Distribution): Indicates that a device requires distribution update - displays present and new distribution version.
  12. Service: Indicates status of a service of a device if it is unhealthy.
  13. Access: Indicates if device can be accessed remotely.