The following operating modes are available:

Normal mode

In Normal mode (ON), the controller displays the fan speed and air flow status.

OFF mode

In OFF mode, the controller is turned off.

Timer with delay Off mode

In timer with delay Off mode, the timer starts counting down according to the set hour when parameter P28 is enabled. When the timer expires, the device automatically turns off.


Activation of timer with delay Off mode

When P28=1, press and hold for more than 3 seconds to enter delay Off timer mode.


Setting the timer with delay Off mode

- A preset value (1h) is displayed after entering delay Off timer mode.

- Use + or - to change the time up to 23 hours with a 0.5 h increment or decrement respectively.

- Press () to confirm the change. The device automatically exits delay Off timer mode or press () to return to previous step.

- Or press () to exit delay Off timer mode without saving changes and to return to Normal mode.


Cancellation of timer with delay Off mode

Cancel by setting the timer to 0 hour.


Viewing or editing of timer with delay Off mode

- Press and hold down for more than 3 seconds to view the remaining time.

- Use + or - to change the time and press () to confirm the new value.

- The timer runs according to the new value.

Operating mode setting upon power down

If the FAU is disconnected from AC 230 V power and reconnected, the unit returns to same operating mode before powering down if P27=0. If P27=1, the unit is in OFF mode. If P27=2, the unit resumes Normal mode (ON).