Depending on use, install the sensor as follows:

  • For flow temperature control (heating flow):
    • Directly after the pump if the pump is in the flow
    • 1.5 to 2 m after the mixing valve if the pump is in the return
  • For return temperature limitation:
    In the return where the temperature can be correctly acquired

Install the sensor in an elbow so that the immersion rod or the protection pocket faces the direction of flow. The water must be well mixed where the temperature is acquired. This is downstream from the pump or, if the pump is mounted in the return, at least 1.5 m behind the mixing point.

Mount the sensor so that the cable does not enter from the top.

With all types of sensors, the immersion length must be a minimum of 60 mm!

The sensor must not be covered by lagging.

To fit the sensor, a threaded fitting or T-piece G ½ must be welded into the pipe.


Make sure the cover housing is installed on the corresponding base (same printed number locates at ① ②) during mounting. Otherwise, accuracy may be affected.

Mounting positions


not permitted:




For sensors with non-sealing threaded nipples G ½, use sealing means with threaded connection (e.g. hemp, Teflon tape or similar).

Mounting instructions

Mounting instructions are provided in the packaging.