The immersion temperature sensor consists of housing, printed circuit board, connection terminals and immersion rod.

The 2-sectional housing comprises a base and a screwed removable cover. The measuring circuit and the setting element are located on the printed circuit board inside the cover, the connection terminals on the base.

Cable entry is made via the M16 cable entry gland (IP65) supplied with the sensor which can be screwed into the housing. Immersion rod and housing are rigidly connected.

Measured value display

The following measured value is displayed:

  • Temperature: in °C or °F

Setting element

The setting element is located inside the cover. It consists of 6 pins and a jumper. It is used to select the required measuring range and to activate the test function.

The different jumper positions indicate the following:

  • Temperature measuring range:
    Jumper, left position (R1) = 0...70 °C,
    Jumper, middle position (R2) = -40...+120 °C (factory setting),
    Jumper, right position (R3) = Reserved
  • Active test function:
    Jumper, horizontal position: The values according to table "Test function active" are provided at the signal output.
  • Measured value display:
    Jumper, vertical, right position = °C (factory setting)
    Jumper, vertical, left position = °F


In the event of fault, the output signal reaches 4 mA after 60 seconds. The LCD displays FAIL.