• The function blocks are created and connected.
  1. Double click the root cause node .
  1. Enter the data in the Edit root cause node dialog box:
  • In the Name field, a descriptive designation;
  • Select a root cause from the Root Cause drop-down list.
  • Select an alarm priority from the Priority drop-down list. The default is Alarm class.
  • Select a reset type from the Reset Type drop-down list.
  1. Select Done.
  • The function block is configured.




The following priority states are possible:

  • Alarm dashboard concept (low, medium, or high)
  • Alarm class concept (taken over from Climatix IC and displayed as numbers between 0 to 15)

Display convention in Alarm dashboard:

  • A plant alarm ticket with only active alarms at priorities 0 to 15 (ClimatiX IC Alarm class concept) display only the lowest class.
  • A plant alarm ticket with only active alarms of low, medium, and high display the high priority.
  • A plant alarm ticket that is a mix of active alarms at priorities low, medium, and high, and priorities 0 to 15, ignore the Climatix IC Alarm class concept.

INFO: The priority must be defined in the AlarmOutput node to be sorted by priority in Alarm dashboard.

Reset Type

The following reset types are possible:

  • Manual
  • Auto
  • Manual or auto

The reset type is defined in the AlarmOutput node.