Climatix IC nodes

Node name

Function description

The alarm in node allows you to subscribe a flow to a new alarm. In other words, if the node is used as the start node, the corresponding flow is executed as long as the input criteria entered by the user are met. (Alarm type for the alarm and application for the plant that triggered the alarm match the alarm type and application set configured in the node.)

The root causes node displays the cause on the dashboard. The values are displayed under the ticket details in the Root cause tab.

The subscribe events node subscribes a flow to specific events in the overall system (domain events). In other words, this node can be used to always execute a flow if a plant is added to the organization (“claimed” / “assigned”). It may be that only the events “device claimed” / “device assigned” and “device renounced” / “device runassigned (delete or hide)” can be subscribed. Additional events may be added in the future (e.g. Create new user, etc.).

The datapoint request node reads data point values from Climatix IC. The information is used in the flow to determine recommendations.

The abs.diff. Node calculates the absolute difference between two values.

The node allows you to make call to the Climatix IC API to obtain information on all plants related to the current organization.

Standard Node-RED nodes

Node name

Function description

You can manually trigger a flow using the Inject node by clicking the node button in the editor. It can also be used to automatically trigger flows at regular intervals.

Debug node displays messages in the editor’s Debug sidebar.

Function node runs JavaScript code for messages that are forwarded through the node.

Change node changes the properties of a message and sets context properties without having to access the function node.

Switch node forwards messages to various branches in a flow by evaluating a rule set for each message.

Template node generates texts using a message property, to fill in a template.

Creates an HTTP end-point for creating web services.