Release July 2021

Node name

Function description

The datapoint request node no longer connects directly to Climatix IC via its API, but rather it uses the internal Cloud APIs (Point API). In other words, the behavior as to how application sets are made is now the same as the alarm in node. Use merely run the Sync to Horizon function in Climatix IC and the applications sets are known in the cloud.

Existing data structure:

New data structure as of the July release:

All existing data structures must be manually revised as of this release.


The msg.payload structure, as supplied by the alarm in node, was modified. It now complies with the conventions as expected by a Node-RED user. msg.payload no longer needs to be set to msg to use the datapoint request node without the alarm in node.


The original Node-RED function was extended with Siemens parameters. Detailed information is available in section Switch on the rule engine using the Httpin trigger.