The different states of the components must be known prior to the alarm to determine its cause. A user can identify possible causes from this information. For frost alarm, various components may cause a fault, including:

  • Heat pump
  • Heating valve
  • Ventilation damper
  • Other

A function must be programmed for each possible fault and a cause displayed on the alarm dashboard.

Troubleshooting a heat pump fault

States for the heat pump and supply air fan must be known to recognize a frost alarm. In addition to function block alarm in, two datapoint request function blocks are required. The data point references are configured accordingly on the function blocks.

The state just prior to the alarm is determined in the event of a frost alarm. One possible cause may be that the heat pump was not operating at the time.

The information is compiled with function block join. JavaScript performs the evaluation in function block function. The result is forward to function block root cause if the result is TRUE. An alarm ticket is generated in the event of an alarm and the flow is activated in parallel in Node-RED (if configured). Function block root cause supplements the alarm ticket with the cause on the alarm dashboard. The information on the alarm dashboard can be used for additional processing.