Mounting plate FHA2007-A1 is delivered unassembled and must be assembled prior to installation. The edge protector (included) can be slid onto the respective edges of the mounting plate to protect the cables.

Example of installation of mounting plate FHA2007-A1 in housing (Comfort)


Threaded hole in rear panel for spacer


Spacers (2 pieces) for fixing the mounting plate


Top fixing screw with spring (pre-mounted)


Mounting plate


Bottom fixing screw with spring (pre-mounted)


Hinged bracket


Fork head (2 pieces) for mounting the hinge bracket


Counternut M 5 (2 pieces)


Spacer bolts (2 pieces)


Threaded holes in rear panel for spacer bolts


Fastening clamp, installation position (2 pieces)


Spacer bolts, assembled and mounted


Fastening clamp (fixed position)

  1. Screw the spacers (2) into the threaded hole on the rear panel (1) to the right of the periphery board.
  1. Screw the two spacer bolts (9) into the threaded holes (10) on rear panel to the left of the periphery board.
  1. Screw one counternut (8) onto each spacer bolt (9).
  1. Screw the fork heads (7) onto the spacer bolts (9) and fix them in a horizontal position (in accordance with the figure) using the counternut (8).
  1. Insert the mounting plate (4) with the hinge brackets (6) into the fork heads (7) so that the fastening clamps (11) can be inserted into the fork heads from above as shown.
  1. Swivel the fastening clamps (11) backwards so that they snap in place in the spacer bolts (9) (see [13] in figure).
  1. Swivel the mounting plate (4) over the periphery board and fix it in the spacer bolts (2) with the fixing screws (3, 5).
  1. If the mounting plate is not true, the fork heads can be adjusted with the counternuts (8) (loosen the fastening clamps and remove the mounting plate).