These mounting instructions only describe components of the mounting kit (marine).

You will find more mounting and installation instructions in the 'Mounting/Installation' document A6V10210390 (Cerberus PRO)/008851 (Sinteso). See the chapter 'Applicable documents'.

The minimum protection class IP20 required by IEC 60092-201:1994 for use in dry areas is provided by the FS720/FS20 housing.

Failure to comply with protection class IP22 for FS720/FS20 housing

Personal injury due to fire detection installation failure

  1. For use in areas with a risk of dripping water or condensation, an additional housing with at least protection class IP22 should be constructed around the FS720/FS20 housings.
Mechanical damage due to loose screws

Secure the screw connections with the spring washers supplied. These are shown in the drawings with spring washers.

The damping kit installation process described here relates to wall installation.

The main installation steps are summarized below:

  1. Fastening damping kit on the wall
  2. Mounting of the rear panel cover
  3. Station installation on rear panel cover
  4. Fitting mounting plate in station
  5. Fitting EMC filter in station 1
  6. Fitting battery mounting set in station
  7. Wiring the EMC filter
  8. The label featuring the MED symbol must be attached to the housing visible from the outside once the site has been installed and configured in compliance with MED.
  9. After commissioning, the year in which the MED-compliant fire detection system was manufactured must be indicated on the label with the MED symbol by entering the current date – by hand with a waterproof writing implement.

The wiring is described separately.