1. Break out the two rear break-out points in the back box (marked in diagram with arrows).
Break-out points for battery fastening set marked with arrows
  1. Fit the two universal brackets (1) into the broken out holes in the back box as shown. The slot must face forwards.
  1. Fit the two threaded rods (2) into the universal brackets as shown.
  1. Place the battery support (rubber mat) (3) on the base of the rear panel and insert the two batteries such that the connections are aligned with one another and facing forwards (see figure).
  1. Align the L profile (4) centrally on the batteries and screw down to the threaded rods with two nuts and washers.
  1. Check that batteries are secure and that pin connections are easily accessible.
Mounting diagrams of battery mounting set


Universal bracket


Battery support (rubber mat)


Threaded rods


L profile