On the site overview, the structure of the site is displayed, along with detailed information about each location entity. For floors, a floorplan can be visualized in a 2D view.

  1. Search bar: Search for entries with specific properties. Use filters to refine the search.
  2. Cards: Depending on the selected entity, different cards display here.
  3. Structure: In the structure card, the structure of a location can be displayed. To set up the structure of a location, use Data Setup.

Search bar

The following filters are available:

  • Name
  • Type
  • ID
  • Tag


Depending on the selected entity, the following cards are available:

Campus or building

  • Point cloud instances
  • Details, Address, Additional information
  • Map

In the Point cloud instances card, the status of the PCI is displayed and the PCI can be accessed.


  • Details, Additional information
  • Data points connected to this device

In the Data points connected to this device card, the available data points can be filtered, and points of interest can be created. The status of the available data points is displayed.


  • Details, Additional information
  • Floorplan quick view

The Floorplan quick view card displays the 2D view of the floor as managed in Data Setup.


The following entities are displayed in the structure:

  • Campus (only if the structure view for the campus is open)
  • Buildings
  • Devices
  • Floors