• You have 360° Viewer Standard/Administrator role.
  • The data point you want to create a linked point of interest for is created and visible in the structure tree.
  • The Last value is shown in the Data point card, and the Engineering units are present for the activated data point. These 2 parameters must be available before creating a linked POI.
  • The site overview is open.
  1. Identify the building.
  1. Expand the structure tree and select the device.
  1. In the Data points connected to this device card, select the data point.
  1. Select Points of interest > Create.
  1. Select the point cloud instance from the Select point cloud instance dropdown list.
  1. Select the widget type from the Select widget type dropdown list. The options are Default and Operations manager (OM).

The Default widget displays only basic information. The Operations manager (OM) widget displays advanced information retrieved from the Operations Manager. You can enable this option also from the floor view, by selecting Show OM widget.

  • A pop-up message informing you about a successful creation appears.
  • Default view of the point cloud instance in NavVis is opened.
  • Created linked point of interest is visible, but not yet placed.