Ambient conditions and protection classification

Safety class as per EN60730

Class III

Degree of protection of housing as per EN 60529

  • POL224.00: IP20
  • POL224.05: IP00

Classification as per EN 60730

Function of automatic control devices
Operation altitude
Degree of contamination
Overvoltage category

Type 1
< 3000 m

Climatic ambient conditions

Transport (packaged for transport) as per EN 60721-3-2
Storage as per EN 60721-3-1

Operation as per EN 60721-3-3

Temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40 °C to 70° C)
Air humidity 5...95% r.h. (non-condensing)

Operation (Comply to Class 3K5):

Temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40 °C to 70° C) (excluding HMI)

Air humidity 5...95% r.h. (non-condensing)

Mechanical ambient conditions

Transport as per EN 60721-3-2

Operation as per EN 60721-3-3

Class 2M2

Class 3M2

Standards, directives and approvals

EU conformity (CE)


RCM conformity



UL 916,

Note: The exposed polymeric parts of these devices have been investigated for use in air plenums in accordance with Sec.18 of UL 1995.

Environmental compatibility

The product environmental declaration A5W00068298A*) contains data on environmentally compatible product design and assessments (RoHS compliance, materials composition, packaging, environmental benefit, disposal).

*) The documents can be downloaded from Siemens US Download Center.