Commissioning configures I/Os and tests the damper operation and any configured outputs. It can only be done using the Climatix Mobile application or under Configuration State from the controller. The three LEDs blink yellow if the controller enters Configuration State.

To Commission under the controller’s Configuration State

  1. From the default HMI screen, press Enter + Up.
  • The '5CONFIG STATE' screen displays.
  1. Press Enter, and then confirm the switch by pressing Enter again.
  1. Configure I/Os and/or test connected devices.
  1. If configurations are done, press Enter + Up or Down to switch to the '8RUN STATE' screen, then press Enter twice to go back to Running State.
  • The '1FREECOOL' screen displays.

Commissioning is also possible from the mobile application. See Product Documentation for more information.

Don't interrupt damper test once it starts.