Customers can download the mobile application by scanning the Mobile APP QR code on the device and perform operations on their smartphones or tablets or directly on the device. When performing operations from the mobile application, ensure that a WLAN stick is plugged into the USB port and connection between the smartphone/tablet and the WLAN network is established.

Operations that can be performed from the local device are as follows:

  • Change basic settings like the following:
    • Temperature shutoff setpoint
    • Enthalpy shutoff setpoint if an RH input is detected
    • Mixed-air temperature modulating setpoint
    • The ppm value for DCV (Demand Control Ventilation)
    • Damper minimum position
    • Temperature unit
    • Fan airflow or CFM value
    • ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) outside air temperature setpoint if 'ERV' is selected for AUX1-O or AUX2-O
    • Exhaust fan startup setpoint if exhaust fan is chosen
    • Etc.
  • Change advanced settings like the following:
    • Damper position anti-freeze protection settings
    • Damper position during shutdown
    • Highest stage cooling delay time
    • Min. and max. leaving air temperature
    • Calibration values for sensors
    • Anti-freeze protection
    • Etc.
  • Configure I/Os.
  • Test the damper operation and any configured outputs.

Not all operations can be performed on the local device. Operations on the local device are only recommended if operations from the mobile application are unavailable. See the mobile commissioning guide for all operations that can be performed from the mobile application end.

Operating System

Supported smartphone types are as follows:


OS version

App Store


iOS 10 or above

App Store®


AndroidTM 6.0 or above

Google PlayTM