The valve and actuator are supplied in one easy-to-install unit. The valve has a stainless steel (304) body with Rp… female threaded connections. A special rubber flap operates as closing element to ensure tight shut-off. The spindle is sealed with O-rings.


The valve is connected by an integral 20 cm single insulation cable.

The actuator opens the valve electrically and closes it by spring force. It incorporates a synchronous motor, a gear mechanism and a return spring. The motor is overload-resistant and anti-locking, making continuous operation possible. When the valve opens, travel is limited by a mechanical stop. The gear mechanism incorporates an overrun for the closing valve. This protects the gears from mechanical shock and increases service life.

Manual operation

The valve can be opened to approximately 50 % with a lockable lever. When normal operation is resumed, the lever is automatically disengaged.