For engineering and commissioning of M-bus networks, only ABT Site is required. The way of engineering in ABT Site is fully consistent to other system integrations (KNX PL-Link, Modbus, etc.). For more information about project engineering with M-bus refer to the ABT Site online help.


Step 1: Creation of an M-bus network

Depending on the type of automation station, the following physical ports can be used to create one or more M-bus networks (for details, refer to the system limitations in this document "PXC4, PXC5, and PXC7 automation stations"):

  • Onboard hardware interface for M-bus according to EN 13757-2
  • RS485 (level converter required)

If applicable, M-bus networks can be combined in parallel with other RS485 based subsystem integrations like Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP on the same automation station.

Step 2: Creation of a M-bus devices

M-bus devices can be created in multiple ways:

  • Creation with library or device template
    Create M-bus devices including their data points from the library. Different meter types can be used and further configured, like heat meter, cold meter, electrical meter, gas meter, water meter, etc.
  • The following standard meter types from Siemens are covered by these templates:
    • AEW310
    • PAC1600
    • PAC2200
    • PAC3120
    • UH50
    • WFM
    • WFZ31
    • WSM
    • WSN
  • M-bus devices can be created as well by using device templates (i.e. IOOPT-Files from the former TX-Open tool).
  • Online creation
    ABT Site offers an easy way to read out the whole M-bus network and all devices by connecting physically to the network. The data points from each individual device can be read out. After selecting the required data points, the BACnet objects are generated automatically.
  • Manual creation
    Create M-bus devices manually using the primary or secondary address. All required data points can be added manually. The following parameters can be applied: Measured value, unit, data type, DIF/DIFE, VIF/VIFE.

Step 3: Assignment of M-bus devices

The M-bus devices can be assigned online or offline:

  • Online assignment
    Online with ABT Site, devices can be discovered on the network automatically. Device assignment is done from the orphan list using "drag and drop" . Primary and secondary addresses are handled automatically.
  • Offline assignment
    If you know at least one address (primary or secondary), the devices can be assigned offline.