Supported Connected Devices

The Cloud Service is currently compatible with commercially available Connected Devices from Siemens. A description of the available Connected Devices is provided below.

A Connected Device must be purchased and installed on premise at a site specified by the Customer as agreed between the Customer and Siemens to use the Cloud Service. Customer is responsible for installing the Connected Device at the site and any associated costs to perform said Cloud Service in accordance with related Documentation for the Connected Device.


List of supported Connected Devices

Connect X300

The Connect X300 is powered with DC 24V and may require an enclosure.

The Connect X300 includes embedded software (for example, firmware and factory installed applications collectively referenced herein as Software) to supply building equipment data to this Cloud Service.

Connect Software

Connect Software is running on Windows 10 Hyper-V and requires computer hardware.

Connect Software includes multiple software applications collectively referenced herein as Software to supply building equipment data to this Cloud Service.

Web browser and viewing devices

Chrome is recommended to use the Cloud Service, but other standard browsers might also serve this function. Screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels or higher is recommended for best user experience.

Internet Connection

The bandwidth of Customer’s internet connection determines the performance of the Cloud Service.

Laser Scanning

A laser scan of the building needs to be done before using this Cloud Service and is not included in the subscription. Customer is responsible for laser scanning the building and uploading the scan to Building X AWS infrastructure. Costumer is responsible for any associated costs to perform said scan and upload in accordance with related documentation for the 360° Viewer. The Costumer may choose to work with NavVIs or one of NavVis subsuppliers to perform laser scan and upload to Building X.

360° Viewer

The service is currently supported by NavVis Ivion. Any prerequisites given by the Ivion viewer itself will apply on the 360° Viewer as well, unless mentioned otherwise in this document.