Multi-site Overview

Provides an overview of all sites connected to the Cloud Service, as well as connectivity state and aggregated event state on each of the sites.

Virtually Walk in the Building

With a 360° camera view, Customer can walk through the building as if Customer was onsite.

Take Measurements

Take accurate measurements of the building's as built state.

Search for and Route to Geo-tagged Information

Customer can search for points of interest and is routed to this point of interest.

Enrich Point of Interest with Meta Information

Highlight equipment within the building, display text and images for points of interest, visualize sensor data.

Data Hosting of Point Cloud Instances

This Cloud Service allows a scanning partner from NavVis ( to upload processed point cloud data after scanning is performed.

NavVis IVION Viewer

The current implementation of the 360° Viewer includes an integration of the NavVis Viewer. The 360° Viewer user is free to use any functionality provided by NavVis and use the official documentation of Siemens to do so. Siemens maintains the right to change the integration of theNavVis Viewer with another viewer that can provide similar functionalities at any time.

User Management

Provides role-based access control. New users can be invited to access the Cloud Service and given appropriate access rights via user groups. Data can be logically grouped into partitions and given access via user groups.

Data Hosting and Data Usage

Hosts and processes personal and non-personal data in data centers located in Ireland. For information regarding processing of personal data Customer may refer to the Data Processing Terms.

Device Management

Manages Connected Devices compliant to the Cloud Service.

Data Onboarding

Ability to add meaning and structure to the data.