Standard Subscription Plan


360° Viewer



Subscription metric

per 100 m2 / 1,000 ft2 per year

Subscription term

Annually, auto-renewal

Billing term

Annually, payment in advance


Effective immediately, pro-rated billing


Effective with end of subscription term

Connected Devices

To be purchased separately

Permitted Users

Extended Use

The 360° Viewer subscription plan is the regular, scalable Offering for this Cloud Service. The subscription term is twelve (12) months with automatic renewal; the Cloud Service fee is paid in advance. The subscription plan can be upscaled at any time and Cloud Service fees for upscales are calculated on a pro-rated basis. The Customer can also scale down the Cloud Service effective with the end of the current subscription term. The subscription fee will be adjusted for the upcoming billing term. The Cloud Service can be cancelled any time, effective with the end of the current subscription term.

The subscription plan can be purchased starting from 10.000 scanned m2 or 100.000 ft2. The scanned m2 / ft2 are calculated based on the number of laser scan images taking during scanning. A standard conversion rate of 1 panoramic image per 20 m2 / 200 ft2 applies for this calculation. Counted are panoramic images which are at least 2 m / 20 ft apart.

Customer may purchase required Connected Devices separately.

Extended Use entitles Customer to authorize its Affiliates and third parties to access and use the Cloud Services in accordance with the rights set out in the Terms and Conditions.

Custom Subscription Plan

For custom use cases, such as a very large sites (e.g., > 100k m2 / 1,000k ft2) Customer may contact its sales representative for a custom subscription plan.

The following usage parameters are included under fair use policy:

Scanned m2 / ft2

Privileged Users in viewer

Data Storage point Cloud Data (GB)

<= 15k / 150k



<= 50k / 500k



<= 75k / 750k



<= 100k / 1,000k



Up to 500 connected data points are included with this Cloud Service.