Storage before commissioning

  • Store the cylinders in a secure, clean, well ventilated, well lit room, protected from adverse conditions (rain, direct sunlight, significant variations in temperature, etc.).
  • Store the cylinders at a stable temperature (see Technical data).
  • Always store cylinders with their protective caps on.
  • Secure the cylinders with straps or put them in a stillage (and strap them in the stillage).
  • Make sure that the cylinders can be replaced and maintained at any time: ensure free access to the cylinders.


  • Check that the product is in good condition.
  • Check cylinder weight against values given on the instruction label. If loss weight is detected, replace the cylinder.

The product must be inspected as often as required by applicable local regulations. For more information, refer to the maintenance documentation.

Safety measures

  • Before handling, dismantling or transport, place the cylinder in safe position.

After an actuation

  • Make the installation safe.
  • Replace the cylinder with an identical cylinder.

Refer to the maintenance instructions to obtain detailed procedures.

Regulatory check

Depends on the current regulations in the country. Observe ADR regulation in case of road transportation.

  • Carry out periodic inspections in compliance with Siemens' instructions.