An actuator is a valve opening device used to release the gas contained in the cylinder.

The solenoid actuator is fitted to the cylinder valve EL actuation port. It gets electrically activated by the ECP.

The solenoid actuator is polarity-independent. The cable connector for the solenoid actuator can be installed with the cable running upwards or downwards. The LED shows the presence of the actuation signal coming from the ECP.

The actuator is equipped with a lever, which can be used to disable the automatic extinguishing system if necessary. The position of the lever can be identified visually:

  • Activated (green): System activated
  • Blocked (red): System blocked

If there is a fire alarm and the solenoid actuator is blocked, the extinguishing system will only be activated when the actuator is operational again, provided the electrical release signal is still present. A permanent release signal shall be provided.

The internal volume of the actuator is de-pressurized during blocking.

The activated / changeover / blocked position of the blocking lever is monitored with contacts.

It is not permitted to combine ACTF230-EL-B with another actuator on the PM actuation port.