• Remove the protective caps from the inlet and outlet of the valve.
  • Rinse the piping before mounting the valve.
  • Do not apply any sealant (PTFE tape, hemp, etc.) on the threads of the safety valve. Preferably use metal sealing rings.
  • Mount the valve without creating stress in the system.
  • Install the valve upright.
  • Use a feed pipe that is as short as possible and with at least the same nominal diameter as the valve.
  • Use sloped discharge piping with adequate dimensions.
  • Ensure airtight connection between the safety valve outlet and the open air outside of the room.
Risk of leakage

If the safety valve is not properly connected to the system, it may leak upon first response.

Type and source of hazard

After setting and testing, each safety valve is sealed. Only undamaged seal ensures that the safety valve will operate in accordance with the marking.

Refer to the commissioning instructions for detailed assembly procedures.