This test can be used to check whether the bus connection cable is connected with the correct polarity and whether device is supplied with bus voltage.

Testing KNX 24 V DC type. SELV

Safe state mode

The safe state mode stops the execution of the loaded application program.

Only the device’s system software is still running. ETS diagnostic functions and programming the device are possible.

Safe state mode and exucting a master reset

Activating safe state mode

  1. Switch off the bus voltage or disconnect the device from the KNX.
  1. Wait approx. 10 s.
  1. Press and hold the programming button (1a).
  1. Switch on the bus voltage or connect the device to KNX (1b).
  1. Only release the programming button when the programming LED flashes slowly (2).
  • Safe state mode is activated.

Briefly pressing the programming button again also lets you activate and deactivate the programming mode as usual even in safe state mode. When programming mode is active, the programming LED no longer flashes.

Deactivate safe-state mode

  1. Switch off bus voltage or disconnect device from the KNX.
  1. Wait approx. 10 s or execute ETS programming operation.
  • Safe-state mode is deactivated.

Master reset

The master reset resets the device to its factory settings (physical address 15.15.255, the firmare is retained). The device must then be recommissioned using the ETS.

In secure mode: A master reset deactivates the device security. The device can subsequently be recommissioned with the device certificate.

Executing a master reset

  • Safe state mode is activated.
  • Press the programming button and hold it for > 5 s (3).
  • The programming LED flashes rapidly (4).
  • The device executes a master reset, restarts and the LED turns off (5).
  • After approx. 5 s the device is operational again.