Universal dimmer UP 525S32 is used as a combined device with binary inputs and dimming output for switching and dimming dimmable lamps and LEDs in building automation. Device control is conducted via KNX.

  • Universal dimmer with one output for switching and dimming resistive (R), inductive (L) or capacitive (C) loads, including LED
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of the dimming principle matching the load – protection against open-circuit operation, short circuit and over temperature
  • 3 binary inputs for potential-free contacts to determine the switching state when conventional buttons, switches, windows/door contacts or corresponding sensors are connected
  • Flexible installation concept with flush-mounting installation as main installation type and additional installation on a mounting rail in the electrical distributor or surface mounting in false ceilings, parapet ducts, and floor tanks using a mounting case

Functions for configuration with ETS:

  • Encrypted telegram transmission via KNX Data Secure
  • Flexible and powerful applications with binary inputs and dimming output in one device
  • Dimming output with automatic load detection and configurable dimming process, message in case of a short circuit
  • Extensive logic functions (logic grid, value converter, disabling element, comparator, limit switch)