Desigo CC has been tested against a wide range of domain- and country-specific norms and standards, including:

  • IT security compliant with ISA-99/IEC 62443 Security Level 2 (SL2)
  • BACnet Protocol Revision 1.18, certified by BACnet Testing Laboratory as BACnet Advanced Workstation Software (B-AWS, B-ALSWS, B-AACWS, B-RTR, B-BBMD)
  • AMEV recommendation BACnet 2017 compliant with Management Operation Unit (MOU-B) profile
  • OPC DA V2.05a and V3.0 Server, certified by the OPC Foundation certification program
  • Support of pharmaceutical industry regulatory requirements, such as US FDA 21CFR Part 11, GMP Annex 11 or similar

UL/ULC listed to:

  • UL-864 10th edition Standard for Control Units and Accessories for command and control when installed on a UL-864 approved computer
  • UL 2017 2nd Edition, General-Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems
  • UL-2572 2nd Edition Standard for Mass Notification
  • UL 2610 2nd Edition Standard for commercial premises security alarm units and systems (this standard replaced UL 1076)
  • UL-294 7th Edition Standard for Safety–Access Control System Units
  • CAN/ULC-S527 3rd Edition: Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems
  • CAN/ULC-S559 2nd Edition, Equipment for Fire Signal Receiving Centre and Systems
  • CAN/ULC S576 1st Edition, Standard for Mass Notification System Equipment and Accessories

Desigo CC V6 is not UL/ULC listed. If UL or ULC approval is required, please use V5.0 or V5.1. UL/ULC listing for V7 is still pending.