Desigo CC is the integrated, scalable, and open building management platform for managing high-performance buildings.
With its intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, Desigo CC supports the following building management tasks:

  • Operate and monitor the building infrastructure graphically
  • Guide operators in the handling of critical situations
  • Detect, visualize, and acknowledge/reset faults and alarms
  • Collect, visualize, and compare online and offline Trend data
  • Create schedules to automate building operation and configure exceptions
  • Create and configure report definitions to produce a variety of performance reports
  • Create and configure dashboards to monitor Power KPIs
  • Analyze Energy consumption and power usage reading meter data
  • Store and retrieve system activity data, and view data logs
  • Create and execute automated reactions between the networked systems
  • Send automatic notifications via email, SMS, and pagers
  • Participate in the Internet of Things through open APIs and custom adapters