FDCL221-M multi line separator module

  • Nine electronic switches (line separators)
  • Connections for the detector lines (FDnet/C-NET)
  • Connections for the stub lines (T-branches)
  • Jumper for configuring the operation mode
    • 1 loop operation: Nine line separators in one FDnet/C-NET
    • 2-loop operation: Two FDnet/C-NET loops, four line separators in each
  • Disconnects the affected bus area in the event of a short-circuit in the FDnet/C-NET so that the area unaffected by the short-circuit continues to function
  • Yellow LEDs for the status indicator (line separation)
  • Observe national guidelines and regulations.

  • Fields of application:
    • To ensure that several stub lines do not fail in the event of a short-circuit
    • Connection between two stubs on the FDnet/C-NET, if there is no other device between the branches
    • Connection to two separate FDnet/C-NET loops
    • Changing from existing collective systems to the addressed Sinteso and Cerberus PRO fire detection system




Screw terminal for FDnet/C-NET loop 1




Screw terminal for FDnet/C-NET loop 2


FDnet/C-NET loop 2


FDnet/C-NET stub lines


FDnet/C-NET loop 1


Connector (20-pin) for sub-stub lines