Multi-site Overview

Provides an overview of all sites connected to the Cloud Service, as well as connectivity state and aggregated event state on each of the sites.

Real-time visibility and operation

Provides operation and real-time updates of connected sites. Data point values are updated on-the-fly and set points issued from the Cloud Service are processed immediately, down to the building automation control level.

Data History and Trend Analysis

Automatically logs and stores values and events on data points available in the Cloud Service. It presents the data history in interactive charts for users to view the trend over different time periods, while also highlighting potential issues requiring user attention.

Email and SMS Notifications

Notify the User of the newly triggered events. Users can define the notification rules and receive the notifications via email and SMS text messages.

Remote Web Access

Remotely accesses available web applications residing within the remote building automation control network at the connected site.


Allows User as well as device management by the Customer.

User Management

Provides role-based access control. New User can be invited to access the Cloud Service.

Device Management

Manages Connected Devices compliant to the Cloud Service. Additional Sites and Connected Devices can be added to the Cloud Service.

Data Hosting and Data Usage

Hosts and processes personal and non-personal data in data centers located in Ireland. For information regarding processing of personal data Customer may refer to the Data Processing Terms.