• Recommended height: 1.5 m above the floor.
  • Do not mount the devices in recesses, shelves, behind curtains or doors, or above or near heat sources.
  • Avoid direct solar radiation and drafts.
  • Avoid unheated (uncooled) building area such as outside walls.
  • The device can be fitted to a recessed conduit box or directly on the wall.
  • Seal the conduit box or the installation tube if any, as air currents can affect sensor readings.
  • Adhere to allowed ambient conditions.

The thermostat can also be used in a portable manner. It features a fold-out stand allowing it to be placed on a horizontal surface such as a bedside table.

When mounting the unit, install the baseplate first, then snap on the thermostat and fix with screwdriver.

The receiver is provided with a baseplate. Fix the baseplate first, make the electrical connections and fit and secure the receiver (see Mounting Instructions A6V13156963).

The thermostat must be mounted on a flat wall and in compliance with local regulations.

If there are thermostatic radiator valves in the reference room, they must be set to their fully open position.