1) Ordering Standard Subscription Plan

To order the Cloud Service for the first time, Customer must request a quote from its Siemens sales representative. Customer will receive a link to the shopping cart. Customer needs to (i) choose the payment options and (ii) accept the Terms and Conditions to start using the Cloud Service. The “Terms and Conditions” consist of the Building Products Specific Terms, the Siemens Universal Customer Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy, the Siemens Data Processing Terms, this Product and Service Data Sheet and any other Supplemental Terms which may be referenced in either of the mentioned documents. Customer may upgrade, downgrade, and cancel the Cloud Services directly in the Subscription Manager online store https://subscribe.siemens.com.

2) Ordering Custom Subscription Plans

To order a Custom Subscription Plan, Customer may request a quote from their Siemens sales representative. Customer will receive a list of applicable contractual documents which may be referenced in the offer or in other related documents.

3) Ordering Connected Devices

Connected Device


Brother QL 700 printer

Please order directly by the vendor.