Manage Visitors

Register visitors, search and filter visitors. Print visitor passes with customer specific logo.

Visitor Dashboard

Provides a historical visitor dashboard.

Visitor Preregistration

Visitor preregistration via web page and Outlook*.

*) If you like to install the Outlook plugin, please contact

Visitor Report

Report about on-site visitors.


The host gets an email when the visitor arrives on site. The visitor gets an email after being registered for a visit.

Visit Management

See all related visitors that belong to a visit. Manage visitors for a visit.

User Management

Provides role-based access control. The Customer is activating the subscription in the Building X Accounts application. Users and role assignments are managed within Security Manager (Left navigation pane in category: Access, menu item: Identities).

Data Hosting and Data Usage

Hosts and processes personal and nonpersonal data in data centers located in Germany and Ireland. For information regarding processing of personal data Customer may refer to the Data Processing Terms.