Ambient conditions

Climatic ambient conditions

  • Transport
    as per IEC/EN 60721‑3‑2
  • Storage
    as per IEC/EN 60721‑3‑1
  • Operation
    as per IEC/EN 60721-3-3


  • Class 2K3
    Temperature –25...+70 °C
    Air humidity 5...95 % r.h.
  • Class 1K3
    Temperature –5...+45 °C
    Air humidity 5...95 % r.h.
  • Class 3K5
    Temperature –5...+45 °C
    Air humidity 5...95 % r.h.

Mechanical ambient conditions

  • Operation
    as per IEC/EN 60721-3-6


  • Class 6M2


Standards, directives and approvals

Product standard

IEC/EN 60730-1

Automatic electronic controls for household and similar use

Electromagnetic compatibility

For residential, commercial, and industrial environments

EU conformity (CE)

See EU declaration of conformity *)

UK conformity (UKCA)

See UK declaration of conformity *)

Housing protection (upright to horizontal)

IP31 to EN 60529

Vibration (In case of strong vibrations, use high-flex stranded wires for safety reasons)

IEC 60068-2-6

1 g acceleration, 1...100 Hz, 10 min

Environmental compatibility

The product environmental declaration (CE2E4461.1) contains data on environmentally compatible product design and assessments (RoHS compliance, materials composition, packaging, environmental benefit, disposal).

Pressure Equipment Directive



PED 2014/68/EU

Pressure accessories

Scope: Article 1, section 1

Definitions: Article 2, section 5

Fluid group 2

without CE-marking as per article 4, section 3 (sound engineering practice)

Valves where PS x DN < 1000, do not require special testing and cannot carry the CE label

*) The documents can be downloaded at