Functional data

PN class

PN 16 to EN 1333

Permissible operating pressure (Tested at 1,5 x PN (24 bar), similar to EN 12266-1)

1600 kPa (16 bar)

Differential pressure ∆pmax / ∆pS

See section Type summary

Leakage rate at ∆p = 100 kPa (1 bar)

A to AB max. 0,05% kvs

B to AB <0,2% kvs depending on operating conditions

Valve characteristic (Can be selected via DIL switch)

Equal percentage, ngl = 3 to VDI / VDE 2173 or linear, optimized near the closing point

Permissible media

Cooling water, cold water, water with anti-freeze; recommendation: water treatment to VDI 2035

Medium temperature (For medium temperatures <0 °C, the Z366 stem heating element is required)

MXG461K..: -40...130° C

Stroke resolution ∆H / H100

1 : 1000 (H = stroke)

Positioning time

< 2 s

Position when deenergized

A to AB closed

Mounting position

upright to horizontal

Mode of operation




Valve body, covering flange

CC499K (CuSn5Zn5Pb2-C), red brass

Seat / plug

Cr-Ni steel

Valve stem seal

EPDM (O-ring)


Bronze / brass


Electrical connections

Cable entries

2 x 20,5 mm diameter (for M20)

Connection terminals

Screw terminals for 4 mm2 wires

Min. wire cross-section

0,75 mm2

Max. cable length

See section Connection type