Power supply

Extra low-voltage only (SELV, PELV)


Operating voltage AC 24 V

AC 24 V ±20%(SELV)

AC 24 V class 2 (US)


45...65 Hz

Typical power consumption Standby

< 1 W (valve closed)

External supply line protection

Fuse slow max. 10 A

Circuit breaker max.13 A, characteristic B, C, D as per EN 60898-1

Power source with current limitation of max. 10 A

Operating voltage DC 24 V

DC 20...30 V

Current draw at DC 24 V

0,5 A / 4 A (max.)


Positioning signal Y

DC 0/2...10 V or DC 0/4...20 mA

Positioning signal Y / Phase cut signal Phs

0...20 V

Impedance DC 0/2...10 V

100 kΩ // 5nF (load < 0,1 mA)

Impedance DC 0/4...20mA

240 kΩ // 5nF

Forced control Z



22 kΩ

Close valve (Z connected to G0)

<AC 1 V; <DC 0,8 V

Open valve (Z connected to G)

>AC 6 V; >DC 5 V

No function (Z not wired)

phase-cut- or positioning signal Y active


Position feedback signal U voltage

DC 0/2…10 V; load resistance > 500 Ω

Position feedback signal U current

DC 0/4...20 mA; load resistance ≤ 500 Ω

Stroke measurement



± 3 % of end value

For Typical power consumption PMED, rated apparent power SNA and required fuse IF, see section Connection type