• A strainer should be installed upstream of the valve. This increases the functional reliability of the valve.
  • The MXG461K.. valves are flat-faced allowing sealing with the gaskets provided.
  • Do not use hemp for sealing the valve body threads.
  • The actuator must not be enclosed by the thermal insulation.
  • At media temperatures below 0° C, closed-cell insulation, neatly bonded, is required to limit ice formation. See graphic in the middle.



In the case of separate supply for controller and valve, only one secondary transformer must be grounded.

Damage when used at low media temperature without insulation

Damage of the device and loss of warranty

  1. At media temperatures of -20 degrees and lower, thermal insulation must be installed. Use a closed-cell, neatly bonded insulation, which can be cut to size as needed.