The electronics module converts the positioning signal to a phase-cut power signal which generates a magnetic field in the coil. This causes the armature to change its position in accordance with the interacting forces (magnetic field, counterspring, hydraulics, etc.). The armature responds rapidly to any change in signal, transferring the corresponding movement directly to the valve plug, enabling fast changes in load to be corrected quickly and accurately.

The valveā€™s position is measured continuously. The internal positioning controller balances any disturbance in the system rapidly and delivers the position feedback signal. The valve stroke is proportional to the positioning signal.

The magnetic actuator can be driven by a Siemens controller or a controller of other manufacturers that deliver a DC 0/2...10 V or DC 0/4... 20 mA output signal. To achieve optimum control performance, it is recommended to use a 4-wire connection. In case of DC power supply, a 4-wire connection is mandatory.