You can use the Thread range testing app, shown in the figure below, with your smartphone to verify and measure signal strength, see 'Related documentation'.

The workflow is:

  • Install and open the Thread Range test app on your smartphone (Android only).
  • Connect the Thread dongle to your smartphone.
  • Pair the Thread Range test app to another Thread device (e.g. a TME).
  • Monitor and log the Thread signal strength.
  • Check Thread signal strength.
    • If the Thread signal strength is strong enough: Write down the signal strength on your Thread network plan and proceed to the next device for the range test.
    • If Thread signal strength is not strong enough: Adjust Thread network configuration or environment parameters and repeat the Thread signal strength test.
  • Save the Thread signal strength log.
  • Export the Thread signal strength log and add it to project documentation.


Thread range test app