Adjust the positions of the TMEs or TBRs to account for existing obstacles.

For example, if the preliminary TME/TBR location is in a corner, behind a wall or directly next to an existing WLAN access point, adjust the TME/TBR position to improve Thread signal coverage. Recheck to ensure that SEDs stay within TME/TBR signal range.

The figure below indicates that some TBRs and/or TMEs must be moved to account for obstacles, walls, or the lack of power and/or Ethernet connection. Move the TBRs and/or TMEs to locations with a clearer line of sight, and a location free of obstacles. Check for 230 V and Ethernet ports at the new location.

Floorplan with adjusted preliminary TBR and TME locations

Planning grid

Possible position of TBR/TME


Obstacle area