Thread technology automatically provides reliable and continuous network operation as well as self-healing and dynamic routing.

However, Thread devices must be installed manually during the basic planning. Every SED device has to be within the radio range of a TBR or TME to establish reliable wireless communication.

For detailed information on TBRs, TMEs and SEDs, see 'Thread device types'.

Use building floor plans as a basis for the planning process prior to installation. The floor plan can be on paper, PDF, CAD, or another format. Use a digital tool where possible as the floor plan will likely be edited multiple times during the process and shared with the customer at a later stage.

The following sections outline basic planning for Thread devices.

The figure on the left shows the theoretical planning principle based on a generic simplified floor plan, while the figure on the right demonstrates planning principles applied on a real floor plan.

Generic simplified schema

Real floorplan

Wireless planning with generic simplified scheme and real floor plan