Consider the following steps:

  • Install a WLAN network analyzer tool on your Windows PC or Android smartphone.
    For additional information on the WLAN Analyzer, see 'Related documentation'.
  • Start scanning for WLAN SSIDs on-site.
    You can begin to get a general idea of network load on the 2.4 GHz band based on the number of identified SSIS.
SSID scan with WiFi Analyzer for Android


  • Start scanning for WLAN channel usage.
    The load on specific WLAN channels and signal strength help identify potential channels for the Thread network.
WLAN channel usage scan with WLAN Analyzer for Windows


The figure below illustrates WLAN and Thread channels overlap.


WLAN and Thread channel overlapping


Better on-site interference analysis results can be achieved with professional hardware and software, e.g. from Metageek, see 'Related documentation'.