Fire safety zones in buildings are separated by fire walls and fire doors to prevent a fire from spreading.

Fire safety doors have a significant negative effect on wireless signal strength. To minimize the damping effect, consider the following:

  • Install separate TBRs for each fire zone, where possible.
  • Install TMEs where the above is not possible, but remember:
    • Install TMEs as close to the fire safety doors as possible to increase signal strength at the fire safety door.
    • Place Thread devices in a clear line of sight to one another.
    • Where possible, place TMEs above the top edge of the fire safety door to permit as much of the signal as possible pass by the fire door.
    • For additional information on the mounting heights see 'Installation'.
  • Close all doors, especially the fire safety doors, before measuring signal strength for the most accurate measurements (particular in the event of a worst case scenario, e.g. fire).