This chapter lists the 11 most important rules for setting up stable and reliable Thread wireless networks.

Always consider the following when planning, selling, installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting Thread networks:

  1. Obstacles reduce Thread wireless signal strength.
  2. Metal and thick concrete structures significantly reduce Thread wireless signal strength.
  3. Clear lines of sight between devices minimize the damping effect.
  4. Environmental conditions can change over time.
  5. Other wireless technologies can cause interference.
  6. Mounting wireless device higher minimizes the damping effect.
  7. Always plan network overlap.
  8. Low link quality and low signal strength adversely affect stability and shorten battery life.
  9. Comply with all system limits to improve operation.
  10. Use off-the-shelf tools to plan, install, test, and troubleshoot wireless systems.
  11. Conduct a site acceptance test after installation. Have the customer confirm the results and approve the installation.