If MSIB polls an Apogee Ethernet panel it may be observed that the panel's IP address in the node name table is replaced by the IP address of where MSIB is installed. If replication is triggered while MSIB is polling this panel, then the incorrect IP address will be replicated throughout the network. This might cause panels to stop communicating with each other

In some cases, it may be necessary to configure MSIB to use a unique Node Name on the network.

  1. Accessing Service Manager:
  • Open the Windows Service Manager or Computer Management tool on the system where MSIB is installed.
  1. Stopping the Service:
  • Stop the "MSIB_x.x.x" service, where "x.x.x" represents your currently installed version number.
  1. Editing Configuration File:
  • Open a text-based editor such as Notepad in Administrator mode. This can typically be done by right clicking the application and selecting "Run as administrator".
  1. Locating and Opening the Configuration File:
  • Navigate to and open the "sys.config" file within your text editor. You can find this file in the MSIB installation directory. The default path is usually: C:\Program Files\MSIB\msib\releases\x.x.x.

Ensure you are in the correct directory corresponding to your installed version.

  1. Modifying the Configuration File:
  • Add the following line to the "sys.config" file: {siemens_p2_msib_node, "MSIB"}.
  • Replace "MSIB" with a custom name of your choice, or you can leave it as is.
  • Important: Ensure that every line in the file, except for the last one, ends with a comma. It's crucial to use a straightforward text editor for this to avoid formatting issues.
  1. Updating the Field Panel:
  • Login to the field panel and update both the Field Panel List and the Node Name Table referencing the custom name chosen in Step 5 to the field panel list and node name table within the MSIB system.

After adding, it's normal for the device to appear as failed in the panel list. It will also appear in Insight as a panel, but with no firmware revision and marked as disconnected. This is expected behavior.

  • Important: Confirm that custom name chosen in Step 5 is included in the panel list before proceeding to restart the MSIB service.
  • Restart the "MSIB_x.x.x" service to apply the changes.