MSIB creates and stores a CSV file containing an existing node’s data. This file is created in the Rule Mapping Tool output format, filling in known data as the node is created and leaving blank if data is unknown. It can be retrieved for editing outside of MSIB. Using this CSV file simplifies the ability to update a node without needing to go through the entire discovery workflow again. It also ensures a snapshot of an existing node is always available.

MSIB automatically creates a CSV file if a node is created in these circumstances:

  • Rule Mapping Tool output or EDE output was used as the file import for creating the MSIB node.
  • One of these polling services is used by the node:
    • BACnet
    • P2 Ethernet
    • P2 AEM

The CSV file can be edited and used to update an existing node. This file is downloadable from the MSIB user interface, making it convenient for making updates remotely.

  1. Go to Nodes.
  1. Select the target node to access the node details.
  1. Select the Download button.
  1. Either open or save the exported CSV file locally.
  1. Open the [node_name]_export_file.csv.
  1. Edit the file with the changes.

Do not delete or hide any columns.

  1. Save the file with the same name.
  1. Return to MSIB > Nodes and select the node’s name.
  1. From the Actions menu, select Configuration.
  1. Select Choose new file, browse and select the updated CSV file.
  1. Select Update and start or Update.