The Metrics view displays current information about CPU, Memory and Disk.

  1. CPU: Displays a live view of a computer's overall usage of processing resources or the amount of work handled by a CPU. Actual CPU utilization varies depending on the amount and type of managed computing tasks. Certain tasks require heavy CPU time, while others require less because of non-CPU resource requirements.
  2. Memory: Provides a live view of local memory utilization. The gauge shows the average utilization derived from the percent of available memory in use at that particular moment.
  3. Disk: For the MSIB computer, shows the current computing system disk usage providing users the information needed not only for storage but also software requirements and overall operation. Although this usually refers to a computer's hard disk, the gauge may also refer to external storage, such as a USB drive.
  4. Disk Detail button – Click the button to open a data pop-up window detailing the current disk storage information.

Activated Alerts Icon

MSIB provides a visual alert if a performance setting shows an out of tolerance condition.

If an out of tolerance condition exists within the selected performance settings, an Alert notification appears in red over the Metrics browser link.

The out of tolerance metrics gauge displays in red so the condition can be quickly reviewed and resolved.